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And The Rains Came Down

Big Hole River 687 cfs —-Maidenrock

Whoever did the last rain dance did a hell of a job as it poured all day a couple days ago. It rained so much it raised the river from 430 cfs to 960 cfs overnight. Fishing the day it was raining was great. The next day was terrible and today it started to pick up again on top water action. Actually this afternoon was real good. There are still some tricos coming off but today they didn’t show up til early afternoon.

There was a kind of sad situation that happened last week. A friend of mine was up in the canyon and a big rock came down and shattered his ankle. It was really bad as he has had pins put in it and also skin graft as it tore all the hide off. Just after it happened he was laying there in intense pain and noticed a couple fisherman close by on the river. He yelled at them and waved and all they did was wave back. He finally crawled to where he could get help. When he told his son about the guys he waved to his son went down to the river and they were still there. When he asked them why they didn’t help, they said they just did not want to get involved. WOW You imagine if that were you laying there in intense pain and asking for help and they ignored you? Don’t know where these guys are from but I feel sorry for their neighbors and friends.


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