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And The Rain Came

Big Hole River 585 cfs

Last night we had a nice rain that lasted a couple hours. It bumped the river up just a bit and it all helps. By looking at the graph it  is  still  rising a bit. This will definitely not hurt the  fishing but helps with the  over all flow for the summer. More rain is predicted today.

Yesterday was a banner day for me and my clients. After a couple days of some pretty tough  fishing we made up for it yesterday. Best thing about it most  of the action was on top. If the fly was presented in the right place, the fish ate it. Mayfly  patterns and large attractors worked well. It seemed the bigger the pattern the better the  fish liked it. A couple 18 inchers were the biggest but several and I mean several in the 12 to 16 inch range were caught. If  I could guarantee a day like that every day I would be a rich man.


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