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Ancat and Bigholetrout

Hi readers and fishermen of Andros, It is time to say goodbye to our good friend Al, he has helped tremendously with the Fresh Creek Restoration project and we want to give him our best wishes and thanks……. tanks till we meet again! The Andros Conservancy and Trust has spent the winter months well here in Fresh Creek and through encouragement and coersion have gotten a lot of people involved in removing debris from the waterways. Our membership base has doubled and over 21 tons of debris have been moved, including over 8,000 intact glass bottles. Ah yes guys, you will have to come up with a new name for ‘Bottle Bay’, maybe we could add: ‘the area formerly known as’. It is marvellous to go to this newly cleaned area and see fish. We know that the source has to be dealt with too and the harbour in Fresh Creek will probably yield another hundred thousand glass bottles BUT the word is out and we are planning a big Fresh Creek in the water clean up day to celebrate earth day this year. Hopefully when you all return to the island you will be impressed by all that we have accomplished. Keep in touch with us through email at; and check out the website which is updated frequently at Your support is greatly appreciated, together we are making a difference. Gabrielle


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