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Al is back!

Just as we wait for the bugs and the weather in Divide, we also await the return of Big Al himself.  Al returned last week and has been helping us with the shop, shuttles, and of course the fishing report.  The weather has been great the last couple of days which has brought the skwalla’s up the river.  I was able to see a couple bugs crawling out into the water as far upstream as Mudd Creek.  The fish are still a bit chilly in the upper reaches of the river and it is hard to get their heads up, or chase streamers.  The next couple of days should be the warmest we have seen this year and we are hoping to see the bugs explode and maybe even see a caddis or two.  Al has had some great fishing already using his favorite fly, the Gypsy King.  I don’t know how many of his fish stories are true, but even if you only believe half of it the fishing is still amazing!  Give us a call or stop by the shop for a shuttle, ice, flies, or maybe just some keg beer and BS.  We’ll keep it cold for you.



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