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Big Hole River 383 cfs Maidenrock

For the past week or so we have had to deal with access closures, shocking sections etc. It put a real crimp into where we go without bumping into each other. Things are starting to improve. The Melrose {salmon fly} access is completed and is now open. I checked it out the other day and they did a great job there. Silver Bridge access is closed during the week but open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Silver Bridge to Divide access stretch of river remains closed to floating for the rest of the season. Glen access is scheduled to be closed in a couple weeks for reconstruction.

Top water acion remains the best method for catching fish. It doesn’t really get started until almost noon and there are still a few tricos left. In the morning we have had some success with a turd and a worm, bacon n eggs and a few streamers. Streamer action should really pick up next week with some showers and cloudy conditions.


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