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A Robin?

Spring and warm weather is just around the corner and that’s not a prediction from the weather man but rather from that Robin who was out in my yard yesterday. I couldn’t believe my eyes , just after the sun came up and it was about ten below zero I noticed this Robin in the yard pecking through the snow. Either he knows something we don’t or he got on the wrong plane.

The weather is gradually warming up and it’s about time as my wood pile is just about depleted. It’s amazing that with the severe cold the past week the river never did freeze over here by my house. From Wise River all the way upstream it’s froze solid.

I’m leaving March 6th for Andros Island and will be back March 30th. I timed it so I would be back in plenty of time for the skwala hatch. A lot of people don’t even realize there is such a thing on the Big Hole. We see very few and some days none at all but those #6 and #8 skwala patterns work extremely well in April.

I will be making several entry’s from Andros Island about the fishing and conditions there. (as long as Hank has not taken a hammer to his computer) I’m really looking forward to this trip as we are going to explore some more of the back country with the aid of some satellite imaging photos my brother sent to me. These photos are amazing as they show me which channels are dead ends, which bays and lagoons are too shallow in low tide to get out of and exactly where the blue holes are located. Some of the back country is very complex and it’s quite easy to get lost. I know some of you say to just bring along a GPS. I tried that once but it’s best to learn how to use it before you go. We took one along once and didn’t take it out of the box until we were out on the water as this salesman said it was easy to learn. After reading over the instruction book several times and punching a few buttons I was getting more and more confused and it was starting to cut into our fishing time. So back into the box it went never to be seen again.


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