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The Terrible Two

If you  happen to run into these two unsavory characters, you might give them a wide path and avoid any contact. They  are usually up to some mischevious deeds.  Don’t let those nice smiles fool you.

Anyway today at a ocean flat north. Wind was brutal but it was a beautiful flat with white sand where wading barefoot would be no problem. Spotted some really  big bones but every time they right into the teeth of the wind. Explored a couple new places having to cross a channel that was almost up to my neck and that was at low tide. Found some really great flats that I never fished but didn’t spend much time thinking about going back across that channel with  rising tide. Next time I will just figure on swimming back across this channel. Lots  of super looking  flats to be  checked  out there.

Forecast is  for a bit  breezy and very warm with high’s in the mid 80’s. Keeps that up and the doctor flies will start showing up.


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