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Big Hole River 2240 cfs—Maidenrock

The surrounding mountains are white and the high peaks are solid white. This is a good thing as the country was in desperate need of moisture. I have been getting several calls  regarding river conditions and if it has blown out. The river came up just a bit and today has actually leveled off. Main reason is that it has been too damn cold for any major runoff. Also the country was so dry that the ground acted like a sponge soaking up much of the moisture. Forecast for this weekend is for temps in the low 60’s which is ideal.

Lacey’s Country Gourmet catering van will be open tomorrow morning and will be open the rest of the season. She will be making breakfast, shore lunches and a speciality lunch every day. Lacey is a great cook and I for one am looking forward to sampling her cuisine. The trailer is set up right next to the shop here in beautiful downtown Divide.

Hank from Hanks Place, Andros Island called  me and said someone hacked into his computer and basically trashed it. He had to change his email address which is or you can call him at 242-357-2214 to make reservations.

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all and remember what this holiday is for.


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