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Big Hole River 530 cfs

News release from FWP officially reopened the stretch on the Big Hole from Silver Bridge to Divide. It didn’t take a few fisherman to take advantage of this as wanted to check it out and I don’t blame them. Should have a few pics of them going over the dam.

As for this braggin rights deal that was in the paper yesterday, that was not my intention. The contractor wanted to experience first hand what it would be like going through this new structure. But if it just so happens I was the first—-well so be it. To be honest, as soon as they turned the water into the new channel I had the boat ready.

A year ago when the engineering firm contacted me and asked if I would be on the advisory committee, I jumped at it. I told Dick what ever design they come up with to make it boater and fish friendly. After a few designs were turned down for different reasons they came up with this one and it turned out great.

My hat is off to Dowl Hkm Engineering firm for coming up with a great design that not only looks good but works well for all.

My hat is definitely off to the contractor, Mungas Inc. and especially to project superintendent Ray Bennet. Ray never lost focus that safety was number one. He was pressured at times to get more done quickly due to all the high water and just a bit behind schedule. With all this he still made sure all his workers were in safe conditions. There were some high risk conditions on this project but there was never so much as a scratch on any of the employees. The only injury was to Ray himself when he slipped off a rock and tore a calf muscle.

The old rescue chair is in the trash pile. I don’t think it should go that way. I’m gonna ask the water company if I can have and hang it up someplace in recognition of all it saved.


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