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Big Hole River 2760 cfs—Maidenrock

All I can say is that the Big Hole River is an amazing free stone stream. Three days ago I posted it was blown out and for all practical purposes it was. It was rising and murky and basically non-fishable. When I saw the flow had dropped last night I called Bob this morning and said “lets go fishing”. He didn’t hesitate as he has fished with me for years and trusts my instincts. Visibility is still not real good but good enough.

We started with streamers and it didn’t take long to hook up with some nice size brown trout. About an hour later I told Bob “lets try some dry flies just to see what happens”. Well it happened quick and for the next few hours it was super top water action. It was cool, rainy, windy but the fish were definitely looking up. Mayfly and caddis patterns did the trick. The majority of the bigger fish were tight on the banks—and I mean tight, like inches from the bank. The last hour they quit on top so we went back to streamers to  finish it off and we did by dragging a 19 incher right into the landing.

It was an awesome day and there was absolutely nobody  else on the river.


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