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you should be here now

Big Hole River: Melrose station-496cfs Glen station-604cfs

As I predicted last week our Indian Summer is here. The leaves are just starting to turn color, the river is in great shape, temperature in the mid seventy’s and the fishing is super.

A guy stopped in the shop yesterday to get info on what fly’s to use and where to go wade fishing. We lined him up with fly’s we thought would work the best and gave him directions on where to go. He came back later in the day with a fantastic report. He caught fish on dry’s, streamers and best of all he got a whopping 25 inch brown on a #16 PT dropper.

Art and I are going to do a little R&D on the lower river today, (Glen to Notch Bottom) We haven’t been on that stretch for awhile and there is plenty of water down there to use the drift boat. Should be fun, I wonder who is gonna row?


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