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Yesterday and Today

Big Hole River 1940 cfs

Yesterday we had the cloud cover most of the day and top water action was excellent. To top it off I had a couple real shooters in the boat they got the job done. Their was a little lull in the action so I talked one of them into to try some streamers and he was all for it. It didn’t take long before he hooked up with a nice fat brown. After a couple more on streamers the fish were rising all around us and we went back to the top. A crazy thing happened in the afternoon. One of the guys caught a little fish and as he was stripping his line in a huge brown devoured the little one and the fight was on. We got it close the the boat and it pulled out. Also had some real serious toilet flushers on chernoble ant patterns.

Today was bright and sunny and the top water action slowed down considerably. This morning we fished a couple small channels and a yellow humpy picked up some nice fish. Nymphs were working well but my client preferred to stay on top. We caught fish here and there but nothing like yesterday. What a difference a day makes.


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