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Big Hole 201 cfs Beaverhead 174 cfs

This morning just when the tricos were starting to get thick the wind started blowing and and did it ever. It was coming straight up river and with gusts about forty miles per hour. I thought maybe the hurricane was coming up the Big Hole. In spite of that we caught several fish but nothing of any size. At times if I didn’t keep rowing the wind would blow us back up river a hundred feet or so. Tomorrow the forecast is for highs in the mid sixties and cloudy. It just may be a bugger day all day.

I had a good comment about yesterday’s entry from the Steelhead Bum about reporting conditions on local rivers.

Had a message from the Vet Clinic when I got off the river today. They said that ole Gus’s injury’s were too severe and there was nothing they could do for him. God I’m gonna miss him.


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