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Big Hole River 1030 cfs Beaverhead River 694 cfs

Mid afternoon the past couple days have been just a bit breezy. This makes it tough for novice fly casters and also for those who only bring their soft tip 4 wt. that the sales person in the fly shop back east said would be just fine for this type fishing. They are fine if conditions are just right with no wind and using small dry’s. I can’t tell you how many times I have handed a client my boat rod after he has gone red in the face trying to cast his noodle rod twenty feet into a light wind. Another problem with a rod that is too light is if you have a big fish on and let’s say the water temp. is fairly high. By the time you land or boat that fish you have more than likely killed it. A couple guys came in the shop this evening and said they hooked into a brown trout they estimated at 26 inches on a #16 caddis fly. It was on for quite some time and they were getting concerned about killing it so they leaned on it pretty hard. It was within a couple feet of the net when it broke off. I complimented them for their action and told them even with out a pic I for one believed them and they did the right thing. Another reason to use a rod that will get the job done.

Chuck from Dillon reports the Beav. is fishing good but it’s basically all nymphs.

Big Hole is good with mayfly’s, caddis, small nymph droppers under big attractors.


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