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Wind And More Wind

Big Hole River 3600 cfs

This evening my arms feel like their made out of jello. For the second day in a row the up stream wind has been brutal and today was even worse than yesterday. This also made for some tough fishing. It was Art’s first day back guiding and now he is wondering why he was in such a hurry to get back on the river. We picked up some fish between the gusts of wind on a golden stone on top but the pickings were slim.

Forecast for tomorrow is for showers and much cooler and that should make for much better fishing conditions.

There was a lot of boats on the river today but I didn’t see many bent rods. The salmon fly’s are spotty and are out all the way from East Bank to Melrose. We noticed a few flying here and there but the smart ones stayed hunkered down in the willows.


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