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Where’s The Big Fish?

Big Hole River 1250 cfs

We had lots of action on top water today but we couldn’t seem to find any of the big ones. We had a couple come up and eye ball the fly but no takers. If we had gone to nymphs we might have picked up a couple bigger ones, but we were having too much fun on top. We caught three grayling near Jerry Creek Bridge. With these bright warm days I think what a guy has to do is be on the river at day break and rip some streamers in order to get the lunkers–and takers?

My new raft finally showed up today. I’ve had the frame and oars and such for about three weeks but they had forgotten to send the raft. This new one is a self baler and it has much more room than my old one. My vehicles are all old and beat up but my boats are top of the line.


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