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Where Are The Fish?

Big Hole 212 cfs Beaverhead 123 cfs Jefferson 465 cfs

Some days your the bug and some days your the windshield. Well today I was the windshield. It was terrible to say the least. Mid to late morning there was a pretty good trico hatch, which kind of surprised me and the action was good. After that it literally died and I don’t know why. Conditions were good, the clouds rolled in and I thought any moment their gonna turn on—wrong. I went through half the patterns in my arsenal and I have a pretty good arsenal. The only thing we did not try was streamers as the client preferred not to????? I met up with Wayne who is the head guide for the Fly Fisher and I told him we were getting our butts kicked. He said I’m glad to hear that cuz we are too. Oh well, such is life on a free stone river, every day is different. The fish gods must have been angry today and to quote Forest Gump, “that’s all I have to say about that”.


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