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What Will Tomorrow Bring?

Big Hole 269 cfs Beaverhead 297 cfs

At this very moment Roger O. who works for me at the shop is celebrating with a glass of his finest bourbon. I watched the shop so he went fishing most of the day. When he came back he was like a little kid who had just broken into a candy store and had loaded up. He said he caught more fish and the biggest fish ever on the Big Hole. He was quite exuberant to say the least. I hope the bourbon settles him down a bit or he’s gonna have the big one.

Tomorrow with the cool cloudy conditions fishing techniques may be totally different, a wooly bugger perhaps–wouldn’t hurt my feelings. I have a sneaky feeling that a big ugly dry fly might work just fine also, but you can bet that if conditions warrant a pumpkin bugger will be presented to entice Big Walter.


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