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Big Hole 400 cfs temp. 58 Beaverhead 871 cfs

Around ten p.m. last night just after I ate one of own-cooked specialities, this rumbling started and I thought well that meal isn’t settling very good. Then I realized it was a real house shaking earth quake. It only lasted about four or five seconds but it made this old house groan a bit. The epicenter or what ever it’s called was very near here.

The gods seem to be angry lately. Perhaps it’s time to sacrifice a vestal virgin or some thing like that. If we can’t find one of those maybe a couple old fisherman will suffice.

The weather cooled down considerably the last couple days. It only got up to 62 yesterday and calling for mid 70’s today-perfect. Nymphs worked as well as dry’s yesterday because of the cooler conditions. Should be a good day today as water temp. is perfect.


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