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What Fun

Big Hole River 7050 cfs—Maidenrock

We did a R & D run late this afternoon and evening. There are just too many caddis flies around to ignore. The river is still running high and it takes work on the part of the oarsman and the fisherman has to present the fly in the teacup. There was no shortage of targets as there were noses all over and in the willows. When I say in the willows, I mean way in the willows where there are many that there is no chance to present a fly. For the most part the fly had to be within inches of the willows or it would not happen. This kind of fishing can be really fun and the action is great. If your scared of losing a couple flies, this is not for you. Best thing is to have two rods rigged up and one fisherman in front. When he loses a fly to the willows you quickly hand him the other rod because it might be

a long way before you can stop and drop anchor to rerig. Angling the cast downstream is imparative with this high water. Some places you might only get a drift of a foot or two but that is enough. We hooked a couple fish we saw feeding in little pockets that nailed it as soon as it hit the water.

For a real challenge on dry fly fishing at it’s extreme, this is the ultimate.


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