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What A Day

Big Hole River 1580 cfs. Beaverhead River 592 cfs.

It started out this morning with all the makings of a tough day on the river. It was cool with bright sun and not a cloud in sight. There were no bugs hatching and nothing was happening. Nymph fishing was even slow with the first two fish averaging about 5 inches each. It was like this until lunch time. After lunch we noticed a few small fish feeding on top and after a bit a few bigger ones. Dave had on a #16 mayfly and #16 caddis. They hit both about the same at the start and then only on the mayfly. Dave asked if we could put a bigger one on so he could see it easier. I put on a #12 to try it but told him they would probably not hit it—–was I wrong. They started whacking that thing like you would not believe and I would not believe it had I not been there. From that point on the top water fishing got hot and I mean RED HOT. It made no sense, it was bright, breezy with few bugs on the water. I usually try to tell it like it is with the fishing here on the Big Hole. When it’s lousy I report it’s lousy but this afternoon was incredible. What made it even more enjoyable was that Dave and June Guckenberg who are owners of the La Marche Creek Ranch and my clients and friends of +15 years were in the boat today. Dave has had many good days fishing but has never caught that many fish in an afternoon. I am not a fish counter and never will be but if I ever had a day that was close to the century mark it was today.


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