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What A Day

Big Hole River 435 cfs

It has been awhile since I have done a report and that is for the simple reason I had nothing to report. My old buddy Bob called a couple days ago and said he didn’t care what the weather was like or was going to be but he just wanted to fish the Big Hole once more this year. I was a bit reluctant as it has been cold, snowy and just a bit miserable. We finally put the boat in the river late this morning and the fishing was excellent. Most of the fish were taken on streamers. Mid afternoon a few baetis came off and the top water action added a little punch to the action.

The temp. all day did not get much above mid chill and at times with the wind it was fresh to say the least.

One advantage was that there was not another soul on the river—at least where we were at.

At the end of the float trip we were both a bit chilled and I told Bob that my girl friend would be at my house with a nice fire going in the wood stove and dinner on the table. He looked at me like I was giving him a load of BS. When I got home there was a nice warm fire going and dinner was in the oven. Now this is pretty awesome for a gal that hasn’t cooked or started a fire in the stove for years. How I met this gal is another story. Let’s just say my banker has helped me out a great deal with more than my accounts. She has been trying to set me up with gals for some time and this one sounded interesting. A date was set and when I went to her house to pick her up I was quite impressed. In side the fence there was a 3 legged dog and another mutt of unkown origin or breeding. Some thing caught my attention from above and there on top of the garage roof was a goat staring down at me. At that moment I thought to myself—-this is my kinda gal.


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