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West Side


Logger Head Creek

Red Bays dock

Charley and Kenney just returning with their load of sponges from their camp near Williams Island. This is the product of almost 2 weeks camping and diving for these sponges. This finished product is the result of  lots of time and work. These sponges are sought after world wide. Of course I had to buy a couple of them and they were glad to sell them.

My trip to the west side almost started in disaster. When I got to Red Bays I walked back to the  boat and couldn’t believe my eyes. The gas tank on the boat had ruptured and most of the gas was slopping around on the floor of the boat. That could have easily caught  fire. Lucky I didn’t  throw my cigar butt out the window. The road going north is extremely bad with some pot holes almost turning into blue holes. However all was not lost. My buddy Gerald from Red Bays loaned me his external tank and I was on my way.

The adventuresome spirit in me took over and I actually did little  fishing. I was by myself and decided to do a little exploring. I found the two creeks near Logger Head Point. I don’t knowhow many miles I went up the first one but it was a long way. I have no idea how long this creek was but after awhile reality  set in. I  thought to my self “now I’m way up this creek in the  middle of nowhere, alone, if something happens to the boat like the engine quits as does happen with any boat, I’m screwed”. Nobody has a clue where I ‘m at. So I reluctantly turned around. I found the second creek and went up  it just  a couple miles.

Exploring these creeks is a real hoot. Crusing slowly along watching all the fish along the mangroves and seeing loads of turtles.

The gas tank for the boat is at  the  Menninite Colony getting fixed and the boat is still up at Red Bays. Weather and  wind forecast looks great for early next week so I’m back up there then. Hopefully this time I will have the company of  another boat and we can make it all the way down to  Williams Island and NorWest Point.

The sponge guys told me exactly where the permit are schooling down there—can’t wait.


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