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Welcome Rain

Gig Hole 735 cfs Jefferson 920 cfs

Today was a mixed bag as far as the weather and the fishing. As for the fishing nothing seemed to work continuesly. We would pick up a few fish on a certain pattern and then they would quit on them, so we were doing a lot of changing. A heavy rain storm came through and at the start of it fish were rising all over the place but we quit fishing as the lightning was popping pretty close. I told the guys that after the rain stopped it should really turn on as it normally does, this time it didn’t. We caught several fish through out the day but nothing like I had hoped for with those conditions. The biggest was a 19 inch brown about 200 feet from the landing. One thing we did not try was streamers and we should have .

I had reports that it rained hard in the upper valley so it could bring the river up a bit tomorrow.


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