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Weed Whacker Ball

Big Hole 269 cfs Beaverhead 126 cfs Jefferson 512 cfs

Yesterday the Big Hole Watershed Committee sponsored a fund raising event called the Weed Whacker Ball. This event was organized to raise money to fight noxious weeds along the Big Hole River corridor. There was live music, a BBQ, live and silent auction and it was a huge success. The community center in Wise River was packed. Some people might think that a few weeds along the river corridor is no big deal. If your ever in the Bitteroot Valley, Madison Valley and portions of the Missouri you will be able to witness what happens when noxious weeds, especially knapweed goes unchecked. This weed eventually kills off all grasses and plant life. Numerous items were donated for auction by ranchers, business owners and private individuals from all over the Big Hole and Beaverhead Valley’s. The people in these valleys have come together to fight this problem and to be sure it does not take over as it has in some other river corridors in Montana.

Great Divide Outfitters along with Scott Rod Co. donated a Scott, E2, fly rod. This is high end Scott rod and Jim Hagenbarth, who is one of the largest ranchers in the valley was the high bidder. I told Jim the rod came with lessons, but he said he knew how to fly fish but has not done it in 30 years and this would be a good time to start again. The live auction alone brought in around $10,000. The community support for this event was astonishing. Perhaps other community’s might take note of this event and follow suit to begin to tackle this problem.

Another Weed Whacker Ball is already in the plans for next year around the same time period. My hat is off to all the folks in the Big Hole and Beaverhead Valley’s who supported this project. My thanks again to Scott Rod Co. and to Redington Co. for the fleece jacket.


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