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Big Hole River 537 cfs—Maidenrock

My shingle is now hanging at 871 Pumphouse Rd. Everything is still quite a mess but we’re gaining. Still doing shuttles if we can find the shuttle sheets. For those who have never been here, you go 2 miles west of Divide and turn right on Pumphouse Rd. which is just before you cross the Divide bridge. We are just across the street from the pump station.

Speaking of the pump station, the construction has been a bit slow. This is of no fault with the contractor but they have had to deal wiith almost record high flows for this time of year. They got an extension on the river closure to floaters for that stretch until Nov. 19th. It was supposed to have been done Oct. 31st but with all the water they have had to deal with there was just no way.

I just checked the extended forecast and it looks bad for elk hunters but good for fisherman. Highs are to be in the mid 50’s for all of next week. The river is in great shape and the fishing is good. So if you want to get in a couple more trips on the river, this is the time to do it.


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