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Pump Station Dam 6/27/2011

Pontoon Fishing

FWP has put up warning signs from Jerry Creek to Silver Bridge advising floaters to avoid the stretch from Silver Bridge to Divide. This is not a mandatory closure but aa warning to the general public there could be a hazard. Beginner floaters should definitely heed this. Actually beginner floaters should refrain from floating the river all together now. 

You can see from the photo that if you do run this stretch, go right in the middle. Definitely stay away from the left side and the intake channel. The pontoons are back in (until the next tree wipes them out) and don’t try the portage path on the right, it  won’t work.

The river is flowing at 7300 cfs and dropping. It should start to fish fairly well in the next few days.

We shuttled some guys on the upper river today and they said it was slow but they were picking up some fish.


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