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Warmin Up

Big Hole River 427 cfs—Maidenrock

It felt good walking along the river this afternoon without a heavy jacket. I was almost tempted to rig up the fly rod but it was just nice to sit on a rock and enjoy the warmth.

Talked to a couple guides that said there is a little skwala action starting down river. However they did admit the most action they had was with the two nymph setup.

Fishing in general should start improving quite a bit with these warmer temps. The cloudy days forecast for later this week I believe will be the best.

Had a report from Andros Island where Jim and Sandy and all there siblings and their spouses have convened. I think they were trying to rub it in a bit as they said they were dining on fresh caught grouper this evening but starting out with a fresh conch salad to wet the pallet. Ok, they got my attention. They report the water has warmed up and the snorkeling and spearing was a blast. All I can say to them is that they better bring some conch back here to Montana. I don’t care if they have to smuggle it or what ever—just bring it.


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