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Warm Temps

I have been getting lots of calls asking if Silver Bridge (powerhouse access) is closed. The answer is no. By seeing the equipment being moved in it may be soon. When they do close it, it will be for only 48 hours at a time. I’ll try to find out soon when they are planning on closing it and will post it.

Dry fly fising is excellent in the morning and slows down during the heat of the day. Then picks up in the evening.

River is running at 1580 cfs and is still above average.

If you trek on the north side  of the river in the Dewey Canyon you are a lot tougher than I’am. Lots of boulder hopping but the real danger is rattle snakes. That is rattle snake central. A few days ago a couple guys who went there said they came close  to four  of them. Maidenrock canyon also has them but not as  many.


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