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Warm And Windy

Cooling Off

Morten and I  went to  wade a ocean flat a  little way  north and these lady’s were our audience. It was a very warm, humid day and they were just kind of chillin out.  I told them they would be on the  world wide internet but I don’t think they believed me.

We found fish and a couple big ones but conditions were tough. Lots of clouds and some fish we almost stepped on before we  was them. Last year in this area I caught a couple  small permit but no luck with them today. The tide is perfect with the low in mid morning for some of these ocean flats. Forecast is for lots of clouds tomorrow but we are going to a  flat with real light bottom.

Just waiting for a good weather window to make a trip to the west side.

Temps have been very warm and the forecast for the next 7 days call for more of the  same, warm but breezy.


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