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Wanna Bet

Big Hole River 4150 cfs at Melrose

The river only came up 20 cfs from yesterday and that’s not bad considering all the rain showeres that were around yesterday.

Reports from all fishherman were great. Guys who went way up river said there were lots of brown drakes and the grayling were on em between rain showers. Lower down the streamer action was good as well as top water action on the drakes. I walked along the river just after a shower and there was literally a feeding frenzy going on. A #14 or 16 purple haze would would have done the trick. As a matter of fact I don’t think it would have mattered what pattern you used as long as it was kinda close.

I have been challenged to a wager by Maxman who believes the Big Hole River has not crested yet. We shall see. As for now the fishing is excellent. Almost forgot the caddis are out as predicted—heaviest hatch for now is Divide down river.


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