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Walk, Wade

Big Hole 191 cfs Beaverhead 155 cfs

I did a walk-wade trip this afternoon with three guys who had recently bought some property along the river. Upon getting to the river by their property and watching them cast a few times, I told them that they didn’t need me along as they were doing fine. Other than suggesting a few fly patterns, I didn’t do a heck of a lot. I did tell them to try a purple haze and it did the job. A cutthroat was all they needed to get the Big Hole Grand Slam. Jim’s sole desire was to catch a grayling as he had never caught one before and he got one. Randy, who is the least experienced caught a nice brown trout and it was the biggest. I had my rod along and just before we left I just had to swing a pumpkin bugger through this riffle and it produced a nice 19 inch brown. I didn’t mean to but the fish gods made me do it.

These three guys, along with their family’s seem to be really nice people and avid fisherman. I welcome them to the Big Hole Valley.


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