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Voluntary Morning Fishing

Big Hole River 500 cfs Beaverhead River 830 cfs

I just received a phone call from the Big Hole Watershed Committee asking that I help out with the phone tree which is implemented when restrictions are asked for on the Big Hole River. In other words I get to be the bad guy calling fellow outfitters and asking them to voluntarily fish morning hours only.

This hot weather we have been having has caused the water temps. to reach over 70 degrees in the afternoon for three consecutive days and this is when the biologists recommend morning fishing only. This is strictly voluntary and all the outfitters I called said they would comply with it. We at Great Divide have been doing this for the past week for the simple reason that the afternoon fishing has been not good to say the least. The flow is still fine but these hot windy days have not helped us.

Now for the good news, the morning fishing is great. Most of the people who came in the shop today after fishing this morning were elated with the action they got on top water.

Hopefully this hot spell won’t last too long but as long as it is we will tough it out. Most outfitters and guides will comply with this as they know these fish are their bread and butter. I would also ask the general public to comply with these voluntary restrictions. When it’s hot in the afternoon, head up into the mountains where its nice and cool.


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