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Upper River

Big Hole River 939 cfs Jefferson River 1100 cfs

I floated from Fish Trap to East Bank today upon the request of my client which I was happy to do. I knew we would be away from the weekend pleasure floaters and there is always a chance of getting a really big fish up there. It is still good fishing but there are a lot of wide shallow areas which are dead zones in my opinion. The best thing to do is push through those areas and look for the riffles and faster water. The fishing was ok in the morning and the afternoon pretty much died. Even though it was warm and bright we tried some small streamers in the good runs and got a half dozen on them. Cripples and pmx worked best on top. We were walking along the bank when I pointed out a sculpin in shallow water to Pat and told him that is why we use big streamers in this area at times, it was almost six inches long and their a tasty morsel for the big boys.

Forecast for the next couple days is quite warm and partly cloudy. By mid week there is a good chance of showers and cooler temps.


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