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Up and Down

That heavy wet snow we had the other day was great and with the cool weather did not affect the river much at all. It jumped about 150 cfs and has leveled off at 1070 cfs. James Quigley and friends from the U of M floated yesterday. He called before coming out and I told him the visibility was still good and I didn’t think that small rise in flow would put the fish down that much. He called this morning with a good report. They caught several fish on streamers, some in the 18 to 20 inch range and he said it did not seem to matter what color. Late in the day they had some baetis action and went with a skwala and bwo pattern and caught fish on each.

Tony and Art just sent me an exciting report from Andros which I will pass on later today.

The last couple days I received the two big shipments of fly’s for this season and have been busy getting them out. Problem is that I ordered several new patterns and am running out of room to put them. Some of these new ones look great and can’t wait to test them out.


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