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Up Again

Big Hole River 2420 cfs, temp. 63

The warm weather the last couple days has caused the remaining snow-pack to melt and has brought the river up a bit. To think that last spring there were rumors going around that the Big Hole would close due to lack of water. O ye of little faith. The salmon fly’s are pretty much over but there a few golden stones still around.

I didn’t fish today as I took Herman Bain (the bonefishing guide from Andros Island) on a little horse ride. The first thing he found was the saddle horn and he had a firm grip on it from start to finish. I would like to thank Jim and Sandy Mischkot for their hospitality and the use of their horses.

Yesteday I took Herman floating the Big Hole and on the first fish that hit his fly he did a strip set. Of course he missed it and we both got a good chuckle out of it. After a couple more misses he started to get into the rythm and started to stick every one that came up. The guy is a quick learner.

Herman and I are starting to put together some package deals for bonefishing on Andros Island. If interested, contact me for more details.


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