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Tricos and Hoppers

Big Hole 170 cfs Beaverhead 155 cfs

The fishing yesterday was slow after the trico hatch. Today the tricos were great and the afternoon was even better with hoppers. This is the first day the trout were really on hoppers all day. We didn’t boat any big fish all though we should have but we got a lot of them and they were mostly brown trout. The river is really low and there is a lot of dragging the boat in places but the water temp. is perfect. The majority of the fish we got were not in the riffles as they have been, but were in tail outs and soft water. We missed a couple toilet flushers in that soft water mostly because of too much slack line and not expecting them to be there. Dave and June have been fishing with me for fifteen years and Dave still gets just as excited now as when he hooked his first fish on a fly that many years ago. A lot of work but a fun day, just have to cowboy up and do it again tomorrow.


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