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Big Hole 346 cfs Beaverhead also 346 cfs, how about that

Trico patterns worked well today along with para. adams and later in the day a #12 or #14 purple haze. I haven’t fished the lower stretch for quite some time but there is where they should be hitting hoppers. I’m referring to Glen to Notch Bottom and down to Pennington. I made a few calls but couldn’t find anyone who has fished there lately. Talked to some people who fished below Dickie Bridge, down in the braids and they said they caught lots of fish but mostly small rainbow’s. Fishing around the Divide area has been great.

Forecast for the next couple days is for much cooler temps. with the high being around 70.

I gotta tell this story. I took my female Newfoundland dog to the vet today to get groomed as she was really matted and was starting to stink. I couldn’t believe it when they brought her out. They shaved her like a poodle and even had a purple ribbon on her head. What an ugly sight. So now she looks like a big fat ugly poodle with a big head and big feet.


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