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Big Hole River 239 cfs Beaverhead River 743 cfs

Between ten and eleven this morning the tricos came off in clouds. In the deeper runs the white fish were going crazy. This is the time to keep an eye on the shallow riffles. Some times all you see is a bump in the water and that’s what you want to go for. The spruce moths are getting more scarce every day.

I talked to one angler today who had read yesterday’s entry about keep an eye on the shallow soft water early in the morning. He did that and it produced a 23 inch brown. He was amazed where that fish was.

I had an 8 year old in the boat today who had never fly fished but was an eager learner. He and his dad were keeping score and by the end of the trip he beat his dad by one fish. After the trico hatch I will have to say his attention span diminished rapidly and I didn’t hold him to my rule of an extra fifty bucks for hooking the guide. That fly hanging in my ear lobe looked like it was meant to be there.

For those who think the water temp. is too high, try wet wading in the morning — that’ll wake you up.


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