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Big Hole River 625 cfs—Maidenrock Beaverhead River 574 cfs—Barrets

Fishing again today was top notch and top water. However it was a whole new ball game as we went further up river and did the trico thing. Lots of feeding fish but unlike the suicide ones down lower on the moths these were very selective. If I got the boat a bit too close to a pod they would just move down stream. If it was a sloppy cast and slapped the water they were gone. This is technical fishing and it’s really fun but not for beginners. The best results were with casts of forty feet and a delicate down stream presentation. My buddy Wally would have loved it and he is good at it.

There is another cool front coming in and the high for Saturday is forecast for only sixty with fifty percent chance of showers, so just figure on it. That doesn’t mean the fishing will be bad, one just has to change the toys he is using—like going from Moths and Tricos to Gypsy’s and streamers. Also going from wet wading to wearing the waders. I for one am lookin forward to chuckin some streamers again.

Okay who killed Pat’s pet rattler up in the canyon? I’m kinda like Pat, unless their over aggressive I just leave them alone. They kill lots of rodents and all the years I have been here I have never heard of anyone getting bit by one. Also did you know that 40 percent of bites are dry bites—true story. My neighbor Brian gets them in his yard and he just takes them to the rattlesnake rehab center upriver—secret spot. I don’t get them in my yard as like I told Brian they are not allowed past my fence. He laughs at this but I have never seen one in my yard and he and neighbors to the north get several.


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