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Tough Days

Big Hole River 332 cfs Beaverhead River 440 cfs

The past few days have been slow fishing. The trip to the Beaverhead was terrible. A week ago in the same stretch we had good luck with hoppers and then streamers when it got cloudy. There was basically the same conditions the other day except the fish did not cooperate. Yesterday on the Big Hole the action on top picked up some but was stil not great. Best action was when I spotted a big brown in shallow frog water right next to the bank. His dorsel fin was actually sticking out of the water. We were about 40 feet from him and I knew if I got any closer with the boat he would spook.Wally made the cast and it was perfect, landing softly on the water a few feet upstream from him. The fly slowly inched closer to him and suddenly just disappeared. I yelled he’s on and that’s when the fish exploded and went streaking up river and never stopped.

Next couple days are more of the same, warm and windy. By the weekend the weather pattern is going to change and I think the fishing will do to.


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