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Tough Day

Big Hole 423 cfs Jeffrson 885 cfs

As to what happened today I have no idea. Yesterday was great and today was terrible. Conditions were about the same but we got out butts kicked. In my last few outings it seems the lower river is fishing better than above which is where we were today. We used the same patterns as yesterday and I was really dissapointed in my wooly yukker which did so well before and we never even got a sniff on it today. We didn’t try any nymphs as we were to stubborn and if they didn’t hit dry’s or streamers we just figured the hell with them. One of the favorite nymph combos with some fisherman now is what they call ham and eggs. Ham being a San Juan worm and eggs of course being a egg pattern. Like I said we were to stubborn to try such tactics. You have propably figured out by now that nymphs are my least favorite choice of fly’s. Some times you have to resort to them but since this was an R&D trip we could do any thing we pleased and ham and eggs was not an option.


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