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Top Water Tops

That Rock Wrap looks like it will be a permanent fixture. This is in the second rapid  in the  Dewey Canyon.

The people who own the drift boat that was sunk in the Maidenrock Canyon went to get it today and it was gone. Remember there are no salvage rights of the sort on the river and to take a boat like that is stealing. The brand name is Ro, blue in color and its a skiff. I will get more details tomorrow. If you have seen anyone taking that boat, contact me or Frontier Anglers in Dillon.

Like Pat commented the top water action could not get much better. After a few weeks of some tough conditions it has turned around and is happening now.  Today we caught fish on spruce moths, mayflies, hoppers and caddis patterns. Every thing seemed to be working. Have not seen any tricos yet but they will be soon.

Flow at Maidenrock—-940 cfs


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