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Top Water Action

Big Hole River 2750 cfs, temp. 61

We went through a stretch of river today where there were just a few salmon fly’s. First we tied on a big stimulator and they ate it. Then we tied on a fluttering stone with a stone fly nymph dropper and they ate both. All these fish were over 15 inches with an 18 the biggest. It was hot fishing for awhile and then it was over. Caddis patterns worked for awhile and then they quit on them also. So it was back to down and dirty and those new patterns we got such as the rock roller and such worked great.

As warm as the air and water temp. is this evening I expect quite a few of the big bugs to be crawling out tonight. What will happen in the next few days is anybody’s guess as it is forecast to be cooler with rain showers.

I had a comment about yesterday’s grand slam that said we didn’t get the Montana Bonefish, aka whitefish to complete the slam. Well we got one of those also but I forgot to mention this grand, noble fish. Next time I have a client who has caught all five species except for the whitey, I will tell him now the pressure is on to get one of these noble creatures to complete the slam.


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