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Big Hole River 1350 cfs. Beaverhead 659 cfs.

Bob who was in my boat today would rather be gut shot than fish with nymphs. Mention the possibility of using a san whammy and he is ready to fight. He loves streamer action but with the bright sun this morning there was none of that. Consequently the fishing this morning was rather slow to say the least but the action this afternoon more than made up for it. Again today they were looking at mayfly patterns. It took awhile to find the right one as they did not want the one that worked so well the day before. I’m not sure if it was the time of day or that we found the pattern they wanted but the action was pretty intense from that point on.

Nancy Delekta from Beartooth Lodge on the Madison told me last night the Salmon Fly’s were in full swing over there. She did say that the fishing was a bit slow because of the wind—–wind on the Madison? It’s like fishing for bones on Andros where the wind is usually a factor, you just get a rod that can handle it and deal with it.


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