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Toilet Flushers

Big Hole River 2120 cfs, temp 60

You have your sippers and gulpers and splashy risers and then you have your toilet flushers. These are the ones that when they take the fly it looks like a toilet flushed under it. This was some of the action we had today on the big dry fly’s. There were some dead spots but all in all it was very good. Some of the fish were taken in places where most people don’t fish, like the weak side of the river and in soft water where you wouldn’t expect any fish to be. Salmon fly patterns, golden stones and big stimulators all caught fish.

RIVER ETIQUETTE. Some people just don’t get it. If some one is fishing a certain seam or hole let him have it, there is lots of river to fish. A couple times today we were working a particular area and a boat would come over and float right through it and this is where the river is about 200 feet wide. Maybe their used to places that are crowded and that is accepted—not here on the Big Hole.


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