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Tiger Fish?

Big Hole River 2580 cfs

I have heard of tiger fish in Africa but in the Big Hole River? Well we caught one yesterday. It had the golden color of a brown trout but instead of spots it had these tiger like stripes and worm tracks on its back like a brook trout. It turns out it is a cross between a brown and brook. In all the years of fishing the Big Hole I have never seen one. Shawn Jones who is also an outfitter told me he caught one years ago and described it to the biologist who did not believe him. Later that year the biologist called him to apologize as they had caught one when they did their shocking survey. It’s a beautiful fish and I will see what I can do to put the photo in the gallery.

It was warm and overcast yesterday and the comibination of those two made for some great fishing. Art’s boat did very well with streamers and Shawn was nailing them on nymphs all day. In my boat we were whacking them with chernoble ant patterns for most of the day. It looks like some more of the same conditions today so it should be good as well.


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