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“The Van”

Big Hole 2360 cfs Beaverhead 506 cfs Madison 720 cfs (near Varney Bridge)

I spoke with Dan Delekta from Bear Tooth Lodge over on the Madison this evening. He said the Madison is the lowest he has ever seen it and the wade fishing is great. According to Dan it has been low and clear for about a week now. Obviously they are filling Hebgen dam.

Since things are pretty slow here at the shop for the rest of the week I suggested to Art that he grab “The Van” and play the trout bum for a few days. He didn’t say much but after a few minutes I walked to the back of the shop and he already had the van half loaded and was getting ready to be on his way. I have described this van before but will do it again. It’s a 1986 Chevy Tahoe in super condition. It comes equipped with a comfortable bed, chest of drawers, places to hang rods, waders, etc. great stereo system, captains chairs and more. Bottom line is that its a trout bum’s dream and it doesn’t take up much room. You load up your gear, get behind the wheel and go where ever you please. Hard telling when he will be back as he basically emptied his fridge in a big cooler. He even took several bottles of his coveted Hitchin Post wine?????

The Big Hole is fishing very well with the flow dropping. Extended forecast is for some quite warm days and I expect the river to take a little jump then but nothing drastic.

Our precipitation for the month of May was way beyond average. The surrounding hills leading to the high country are about as green as you will ever see them. Up river the Blue Lupine and Indian Paint Brush are just starting to bloom and no mosquitos yet. That will soon change with the warmer temps. When the mosquitos come out so will the salmon fly’s.


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