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The good and the bad

We floated the Jefferson on tuesday and it was terrible. The lower Beaverhead was real murky but as we got down stream a ways on the Jefferson the visibility was 2 to 3 feet, which is very fishable. I stopped and worked some of my favorite runs and holes but to no avail. I really can’t tell you why it was so bad, but it was.

The Big Hole yesterday was just the opposite. We boated just over a dozen nice browns, one rainbow and had about that many on. We could probably have caught more by going to nymphs, but the client preferred to stay with streamers which was fine with me. Black, olive and pumpkin bugger all produced.

On monday March 14th I’m off to Andros Island, returning April 14th. Jason’s only comment was “you disgust me”. Now was that wasn’t very nice. While I’m gone Mindy and Jessica will be taking phone and e-mail messages for reservations. They will also be able to arrange for a guide for any one while I’m gone.

Our dry spell for the past few weeks is finally over. Since this morning it has snowed about 8 inches here in the valley and who knows how much in the high country and the extended forecast for the next week is snow every day. God I hope my flight doesn’t get cancelled.


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