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The Curse Continues

Big Hole River 1780 cfs

The client I was supposed to guide today fell yesterday and cracked his ribs. We did an R&D trip this afternoon to see what’s happening. We couldn’t get them to hit a streamer so I suggested tying on a big dry fly (pmx to be exact) and drop off a nymph. This worked rather well with most of the fish taking the nymph and a few took the dry.

Visibility is between two and three feet and the temp. is getting better every day.

I look for a fair amount of traffic on the river tomorrow as it’s predicted to be a very nice day.

I think I’ll treat myself to a delicious rib steak down at the Hitchin Post tonight. Actually Art said it would be his treat as I have been doing all the rowing. Since his surgery his doctor said the only place he could be was in the front seat of the boat—-I’m beginning to wonder about that.


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